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No. TenderId & TenderBrief Country Due Date
1 Tender: 632480Construction of water main (Kaspana-Schastlivoye). Ukraine 04/07/2013
2 Tender: 632481Rehabilitation of water main (Schastlivoye tunnel). Ukraine 04/07/2013
3 Tender: 632482Rehabilitation of water distribution networks Ukraine 04/07/2013
4 Tender: 632483Rehabilitation of rising sewer (main pumping station to Yalta wastewater treatment plant) Ukraine 04/07/2013
5 Tender: 632484Modernisation of pumping stations (Rusalka, Primorie, Yalta main) Ukraine 04/07/2013
6 Tender: 632485Rehabilitation of wastewater collector (Alupka) Ukraine 04/07/2013
7 Tender: 632486Modernisation of wastewater treatment plants (Yalta, Gurzuf, Simeiz) Ukraine 04/07/2013
8 Tender: 632487Closure of Katseveli wastewater treatment plant Ukraine 04/07/2013
9 Tender: 632459Supply and installation of generators at Kremenchug HPP and Dnipro-2 HPP; Ukraine 12/06/2013
10 Tender: 632460Supply and installation of turbines, generators, electrical equipment and SCADA at Kaniv HPP; Ukraine 12/06/2013
11 Tender: 632461Supply and installation of turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment at Kyiv PSPP and Dnipro-1 HPP; Ukraine 12/06/2013
12 Tender: 632462Rehabilitation of units at Kremenchuk HPP, Dniprodzerzhynsk HPP and Dnipro-2 HPP Ukraine 12/06/2013
13 Tender: 632463Supply and installation of dam safety equipment at Kyiv PSPP; Ukraine 12/06/2013
14 Tender: 632464Supply and installation of hydro-mechanical equipment (cranes, motorisation for gates, replacement of supporting beams for cranes, rail tracks and electricity supply lines for Dnipro HPP; a crane for Kremenchuk HPP); Ukraine 12/06/2013
15 Tender: 632465Water management system Ukraine 12/06/2013
16 Tender: 632466Consultancy Services for Project Implementation Unit assistance and Lender’s Engineer Ukraine 12/06/2013
17 Tender: 632548Equip NPP rooms with stationary devices for automatic gas fire extinguishing that include electric and electronic equipment. Ukraine 17/04/2013
18 Tender: 632549Replacing 6 kV switches in safety systems sections. Ukraine 17/04/2013
19 Tender: 632534Modernization of safety important normal operation systems of the turbine hall, I&C subsystem. Ukraine 17/04/2013
20 Tender: 632535Modernization of safety important normal operation systems of the reactor building. Ukraine 17/04/2013
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